Goliath Double IPA

Goliath was the name of the Herrold family dog. His name echoed his ego— "obedience" wasn't in his vocabulary. He was a take kind of dog, with a hedonistic outlook on life. Much like what's in this bottle, we were forced to think outside of the box in a feeble attempt to tame him. This beer is a tribute to the Goliath in all of us, scratching against the grain. Crack open a Goliath Double IPA and unleash your inner beast. Cheers!

Not Currently Available - Seasonal


ABV: 8.7

Best With:

  • Pork
  • Sharp, aged cheese
  • Crawfish


Appearance: Clear gold ale
Aroma: New Zealand hop dominated - mild floral, herbal, estery, citrus and piney
Flavor: Mild malt dominated with floral, citrus and piney hops.