The Blunt

There is nothing quite as thrilling as rolling down the river, perfecting your technique and throwing down blunts on the formidable waves hammering down our backyard New & Gauley Rivers. Except maybe spending time with friends, passing The Blunt as you relive the day’s adventures. Respark the rush with this bold ale, as cutting as the rapids. A surging mix of Scottish malt, Fuggle and East Kent Golding hops, you'll taste a twist of Spanish cedar for a perfect blitz of flavor to cap the rush of the rapids. Hit it!

  • Other notes: Pairs with a variety of food especially meat, try with a fine cigar
  • Variations: Usually only in glass bottles.

Not Currently Available - Bottles only.


ABV: 5.5%

Best With:

  • A variety of food
  • Fine meats
  • A nice cigar


Appearance: Clear, deep amber to red
Aroma: Toasted caramel malt and toffee and Spanish Cedar
Flavor: Malt forward with flavors of toasted bread, toffee, carmel, tea, Spanish Cedar, English hops, spices, hint of tobacco, medium bodied with hop bitterness offsetting ample malt.